A  Love Letter for the The Peace Valley.


Valley of the Southern North is a love letter to The Peace Valley and the people and creatures that make it their home. The Site C Dam, now under construction, will destroy ancestral territory of the Dane Zaa and Cree, violate treaties and displace residents, farmers and wildlife living along its shores.





Stretching 1200kms from BC's north eastern Rockies, to Alberta's Wood Buffalo National Park, the Peace Valley is a very unique place. It sits at the confluence of four different ecological regions; the northern prairie, boreal forest, montane and alpine regions all converge here. Within these larger environments, many smaller microhabitats are also nestled within the valley, sheltering rare and endangered plants and animals, as well as species which exist well outside their normal range. This has creating an overall incredible overlap of species from all four habitats.

People have made this valley their home for thousands of years, and is part of the traditional territory of both the Dane Zaa & Cree, whose rights are protected under Treaty 8. The Peace is now also home to many non-indigenous Canadians and many can trace their connection here back several generations. 

It is said that we protect the things we love, so I have made you love letter to the Peace Valley. I have filled it with all the beauty and honesty I could muster, in the hope that you too could learn to love The Peace as I have in hope that those who come after us will have the opportunity to know this place at all.

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